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CurbedWire: New Bricks in the Heights, Bikes Near the Beach

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ANGELENO HEIGHTS: The Eastsider blog has a picture of The Brownstone Lofts, a condo conversion of a 1928 beauty that will create 55 units in the historic neighborhood. Of concern is proximity to the 101, but the agent says a soundwall is going up to protect the ears of new residents. Singles start at $399,000, but keep an eye out for this on PriceChopper. [Curbed InBox]

SANTA MONICA: The Denizen Design Gallery sends news of a free cultural bike tour on Saturday at 5 p.m. that begins at the Santa Monica Museum of Art before making its first stop at The Broad Stage, and continuing on to the Miles Playhouse. "From there, bikers will travel to the 18th Street Arts Center and then back to SMMoA. The bike tour will proceed at a slow, social pace and will obey all traffic laws." Sounds nice, and hopefully the ride will steer clear of that dreadful stretch of Santa Monica Blvd. near the Broad Stage, which contains a minimum of 25 car dealerships. [Curbed InBox]

Yesterday, we mentioned there was a competitive eating contest at this weekend's Nisei Festival in Little Tokyo. The Downtown News informs us the mystery edible is gyoza and has an interview with last year's winner, who scarfed 231 dumplings in 10 minutes. Ladies, we think this one's single.