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Rent Check: Lautner's Old Digs in the Hollywood Hills

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Architect John Lautner lived right here, in this very two bedroom, two bathroom, lower rear apartment in the Outpost Estates, according to the Craigslist ad. Located at 1866 El Cerrito, this is the El Cerrito Apartments, and while we can't verify that Lautner did indeed live here, here are the details on the place: It's an 1,800 square foot apartment, and recently renovated (so all the Lautner-ness has probably been sanded away). But you'll still get hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, and a big covered balcony. Rent is $3,200 with a $4,500 deposit.
· $3200 / 2br - Hollywood Hills Home with VIRTUAL TOUR! FEATURED ID#596214 (Hollywood Hills) [Craigslist]