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What Will Be The Very Last Post About Shepard Fairey

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We are so sick and tired hearing about Shepard Fairey, perhaps the most over-exposed local artist out there. We would prefer never to write his name again. In fact, this is the last post we will ever do about him. And why? Because of this FABULOUS drama. Here's the story: Blog Eastsider LA wrote an post earlier this week, noting that Fairey had applied some sort of anti-graffiti coating to the exterior of his Echo Park studio (pictured). While noting that Fairey pled guilty to vandalism charges in Boston, Eastsider mostly played the anti-graffiti coating as a straight news story. Gawker, however, picked up Eastsider LA's post, and labeled Fairey a hypocrite. But instead of going after Gawker, Fairey attacked Eastsider LA. Eastsider LA is run by Jesus Sanchez. Sanchez! Everyone knows Sanchez is sweetest guy ever! No matter. Fairey sent a ranting email to Sanchez, which is now up on Eastsider LA. Via the Fairey's email: "Your attempt to portray me as hypocrite was thinly veiled incitement for people to tag our building. I have been arrested 15 times and know the risks of street art. Do you know the risks of being an irresponsible journalist?" And then: "Maybe the economy has made you desperate, or maybe you are always slime." Oh, there's so much more.
· Shepard Fairey Tags Eastsider as Obnoxious [Eastsider LA] (Photo via)