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Even With Councilman's Nyet, Orlando Project Moves Forward

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West Hollywood city councilman and former mayor Jeffrey Prang just released his latest newsletter (which kicks off with, "Summer is going by quicker than fritters at a fat farm"), and among the morsels is his update about a proposed four-story, nine unit condo building on North Orlando. The first version of the project was given approval by the planning commission, but many locals thought it was incompatible with the neighborhood (mostly two and three-story structures), and an appeal was brought against the approval. The appeal prompted a scaled-back version of the condos, but version 2.0 was still too big for Prang. His colleagues didn't concur, feeling, in his words, that "the developer had acted in good-faith and within the ordinances set at the time, and that sending it back to planning was unfair to the developer." Prang adds that the denied appeal "did come with a stipulation—that the building be further set back from the street, a minor victory." Looking at 507-599 N. Orlando, it looks like there's another four-story development just across the street from where the new project would go—526 N. Orlando (see attached image).
· Councilmember Jeffrey Prang [Official Page on WeHo City Site]