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CurbedWire: Dueling Home Tours With AIA/LA's Manhattan Beach

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It's a home-tour-off! AIA/LA has scheduled their fall home tour for October 4, the same day the MAK Center is having their fall architecture tour. Well, if Los Feliz and Silver Lake mid-century modernism isn't your thing, hit the 105 (or the 405, or whatever crazy route you take) for Manhattan Beach to see "four exquisite contemporary homes all within 1-mile of each other."

1. The Tree House by Grant Kirkpatrick of KAA Design Group
2. Rogers-Sturz Residence by Michael Lee of Michael Lee Architects
3. Kuhlhaus 02 by by James Meyer of LeanArch (avec stair porn), which is for sale and has been price chopped nearly to death (right now it's at $2,995,000)
4. 39th Street Residence by Jesse Mullen-Carey and William Beauter of MAKE Architecture

The tour is self-driven, and there will be architects, designers, and docents at every house. AIA/LA's tour is $75 and $65 for members (just like the MAK Center's). If you can make it to all seven houses on the MAK tour, and then get down to Manhattan Beach for AIA/LA's four homes, consider yourself the Architectural Ironman.
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