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Ask Curbed: Pricey Utilities in Beverly Hills

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Another reader is skeptical about her utilities bills, but this one suspects it's because she lives in a fancy neighborhood. "I know I get the 'Beverly Hills' price on work done at my home. But do I get it for utilities as well?" she emails.

"My husband, 5 year old daughter, and I live in Beverly Hills in a 4,000 sq foot house. My water and trash bill is about $450 every 2 months and my electric is between $300-500 a month. I have drought tolerant landscaping, fluorescent lighting, and hardly ever put on my air-conditioning.

My mother lives in Tustin. She has a 2,500 sq foot house. Grass in the front and back yard. Four adults living in the house full time and one child part time. Her water bill is about $40 a month and her electricity always under $100 even with the air conditioning on all day."

Southern California Edison serves electricity to both Beverly Hills and Tustin, and water and trash are city-run. So what's accounting for the difference? Is it that Beverly Hills pays Tibetan monks to harvest water directly from the clouds surrounding Mount Everest? Or the maintenance on those gold-plated trash trucks of theirs? [Photo via marythecatsmeow]
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