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Del Aire to Lose Strip Club, Gain Mixed-Use Transit-Oriented Development

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[Images via The Daily Breeze]

When will this horrible trend of mixed-use development coming into our neighborhoods and pushing out our nudie bars end? The Daily Breeze reports on a proposed development from Larry Kroeze, the owner of the Wild Goose strip club and several houses in Del Aire near to the Green Line bus terminal. Metro courted Kroeze to develop the land because of its location, and he's gotten onboard: "The wave of the future is transit-oriented development," he tells The Daily Breeze.

Kroeze's plans are to demolish the Wild Goose (which has been around since the sixties), about a dozen houses on Aviation Boulevard between 116th and 117th Streets, and the bus terminal to build a five-story condo complex and a five-story apartment building made up of 393 residences and some ground-floor retail. The terminal will be rebuilt nearby. The Del Aire Neighborhood Association is supportive (Tough call for them--a topless bar or a condo project?), but are asking for more parking. Kroeze expects the plans to go to the County Board of Supervisors in Spring 2010, and if everything goes according to plan, the project will be ready and waiting when the Green Line extension up to LAX comes through sometime around 2017.
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