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30 Seconds to Mars in Cherokee Loft Tribute: Explained!

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When our friends over at Los Anjealous picked up on our story about musician-themed units at the Lofts at Cherokee development (the site of a former recording studio), little did we know they would uncover the mystery of 30 Seconds to Mars' inclusion in the more illustrious Bowie-Sinatra-Cooper trifecta. It seems someone within developer Bruce Robb's office posted an answer: "FYI – Cherokee owner Bruce Robb did not choose the artists for this design showcase. We provided everyone with a full client list, and made suggestions – 2 of which were accepted (David Bowie and Frank Sinatra). While 30 Seconds to Mars is a great band, we would agree that perhaps their involvement with Habitat for Humanity was more influential than their consideration as a musical icon." And here we thought someone just had a Jordan Catalano Jared Leto obsession. [Image of 30 Seconds to Mars via Starpulse]
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