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LACMA Jumps Across Wilshire Boulevard, Parks

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Last year, the Los Angeles County Museum (LACMA) purchased a five-story office building directly across from the museum, generating much excitement from City Councilman Tom LaBonge, who told the Los Angeles Times that "the parcel would not only expand the Miracle Mile museum district but also possibly serve as a stop on a future subway to the sea." At the time, LACMA, didn't reveal what they'd be doing with the site (which was at point was supposed to hold a Lennar-led housing development). Well, work on taking down the building and working on the lot behind the structure started about a month ago, and the site will serve as a LACMA staff parking lot for the next 5-10 years, LACMA spokeswoman Barbara Pflaumer tells us.

There are two other LACMA parking lots--one at Spaulding and Wilshire and one at 6th street. Pflaumer said she couldn't provide any further details on what eventually may rise at the site. So it's not entirely clear to us if turning the area into parking is a financial move on the part of LACMA ie, waiting out the economy until things get better. But in terms of a long term plan for the site, you---and City Councilman LaBonge--can dream up any number of scenarios. Meanwhile, according to that original Times article, the county didn't buy the lot, but rather, an unnamed company backed the deal.

Shots taken about three weeks ago:

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