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More Talk of Restoring Morgan-Designed YWCA

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[ Via Floyd B. Bariscale]
“It’s become an embarrassment to have this really important building right across from City Hall so in need of help,” Pasadena Heritage President Sue Mossman tells the the Pasadena Weekly in a story about a movement to restore the Julia Morgan-designed YWCA building on South Marengo Avenue. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the 1921 building has sat empty for more than a decade.

More: "Earlier this year, city officials cited the structure for code violations and resumed stalled negotiations with [owner] Trove to either purchase the building or help broker an agreement for its restoration and reuse. The idea was discussed in a June closed-session meeting of the City Council, but specifics of those talks are being held close to the vest." As the Weekly notes, previous movements to restore the building have failed (at one point there was talk of converting the three-story structure into a hotel), while the latest proposal comes from a Cal Poly Pomona architecture student (as part of his thesis) * recently proposal to turn the building into office space.
· Forgotten treasure [LA Weekly]