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CurbedWire: LA Live Not Getting Any Better Looking, Two Contests

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DOWNTOWN: The Gensler-designed 14-screen movie theater on Olympic Boulevard has been discussed before, but the design of the LA Live movie theater, supposed to open this fall, is becoming more apparent, and alarmingly, that design is evoking a Tucson, Arizona mall circa 1983. How this thing is going to look on television, and represent LA--it's intended to host movie premieres, according to AEG--isn't clear yet. Grave concern about LA Live aesthetic persists. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: Here's an interesting contest for the urban planners, architects and foodies out there. GOOD magazine, with The Architect’s Newspaper, The Urban & Environmental Policy Institute, and The Los Angeles Good Food Network are sponsoring a contest challenging how to re-consider our local farmers markets.

Via GOOD, the contest should make you "think about how good design can improve upon the modern farmers’ market experience." The challenge is to create a new venue, product, marketing mechanism or distribution method "that increases both financial returns to farmers and access to healthy foods for consumers of all scales." The deadline is September 1st and details on entering are here.

Meanwhile, Archinect is also hosting a Michael Jackson monument tribute contest; the whole thing sounds a tad cheeky.
· Project: Redesign Your Farmers Market [GOOD]


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