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Idea Floating Around for Pasadena's YWCA

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Earlier in the day, we pointed to the Pasadena Weekly story about a movement to restore the Julia Morgan-designed YWCA building in Pasadena, and noted that a Cal Poly student had submitted a proposal to restore the building. Behold: Student Milad Sarkis's renderings for the building, which would serve as the new headquarters as Pasadena Water and Power. Sarkis has also shown presented this proposal (this was also his Masters Thesis) to the American Institute of Architects and Pasadena officials. Via the Weekly: '"The idea is that the public retain some kind of ownership of the facility and having PWP would fit a historic sense of having the building in public service,' said Sarkis, who would revive its courtyard as an educational xeriscape garden to encourage water conservation."...City Redevelopment Manager Dave Klug attended a presentation by Sarkis, but no final decisions have been made about the building and “there are lots of ideas floating around,' he said."
· Forgotten treasure [Pasadena Weekly]