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Westsiders Want Developers to Consider Drought

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Following a push to allow neighborhood councils to have a say in deciding what projects go forward, neighborhood councils and residents on the Westside are worried that developers behind such area projects as the Howard Hughes Center and Playa Vista's second phase aren't adequately considering drought issues in conjunction with their developments, reports The Argonaut. One issue is how and if the developers are following Senate Bill 610, which mandates that any proposed development supplied by public watersystem be provided a specified water supply assessment. More via the Argonaut: "Citing the new rates due to the drought that the city implemented on June 1st, the Mar Vista council recommended that no density increasing development project be approved “so long as shortage year rates are in effect and unless the city has signed contracts guaranteeing at least a 20-year water supply for existing Los Angeles residents, plus the density increase effectuated by the proposed land development project." Pictured above: Architect Eric Owen Moss's tower proposed for the SW corner of Lincoln and Venice boulevard.
· Residents, community boards see no allowance for drought in plans for high density residential and commercial projects [Argonaut]