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Dubious Claims: Sprawl Killed the King of Pop

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Gigi Levangie Grazer, author of The Starter Wife and the screenplay for Stepmom (and ex-wife of producer Brian Grazer), writes in the Huffington Post today that Michael Jackson's death wouldn't have happened if he were living in New York instead of LA. She starts by blaming gated communities for MJ's insulation, describes her own former estate in the Hills, then lists all the celebrities she's seen in Manhattan and says, "I've lived in Los Angeles all of my life - I have never seen a celebrity walking a dog, or reading a newspaper." Guess she's never been to Runyon. She also claims, "Michael Jackson couldn't have hidden his face (and his children's faces) behind germ masks in Manhattan. He would have been called out in a second." By whom? Sarah Jessica Parker? Sorry Gigi, it's pretty hard to buy that geography was what isolated Michael Jackson from reality. [Huffington Post]