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Run on Schindlers: Glendale's Rodriguez House Hits Market

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What is it with the rash of RM Schindler-designed homes that have recently hit the market? Are these being shaken out by the economy? Yet another new listing to point you to: This 4-bedroom, 4-bath home on Niodrara Drive was built in 1941 for writer/composer Jose Rodriguez, according to the listing, which notes that Rodriguez's "budget was substantially larger than many previous commissions, which allowed him to lavish the home with Santa Maria stone, green-flecked slate, clear Douglas fir, cypress, zinc and copper repoussée panels, built-in furniture, and extensive walls of glass. The home served as a glittering backdrop for cocktail parties for notable family friends, Igor Stravinsky, Salvador Dali, and Ansel Adams." A Glendale City Landmark, the site has Mills Act status and annual property taxes of approximately $3,500. It last sold in May 2005 or $2 million.

More from MAK Center, a think tank for art and architecture that's located at the Schindler House:

This substantial house, on a gently sloping lot, is organized as an L, angled away from the street, enclosing a large private garden. A front garden, screening the bedrooms, is linked to the rear one by a passageway beneath a bedroom. The exterior displays wood, stone and clearly visible sloped roofs. The main roof here is treated as a rotated volume, with the slope returning at a right angle in frames over the balcony. The front corner is articulated to allow the living room, screen porch, and bedroom all to have corner openings. Facing the garden, the hallway and loggia have door-height ceilings which allow the higher clerestory windows to let light directly into the bedrooms and living spaces. The entrance leads up to the loggia facing the garden at the main level. Then entrance to the living room emphasizes its diagonal organization from the corner at the loggia to the corner window facing the street.
· Rodriguez House [Official Site]