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Who Leaked the Chief Bratton Los Feliz Listing?

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Via the LA Times, we learn that LAPD Chief Bill Bratton and his wife, attorney and TV legal analyst (and sometime actress) Rikki Klieman, have put their Los Feliz home on the market. There aren't many pictures of the house available, but what we do know is the house has a pool, a view, and Bratton likes wicker. The one-story 1964 home has four bedrooms, three baths and is 2,716 square feet, and Bratton bought the residence in 2003 for $1.244 million and has listed it for $1.875 million or $690 per square foot. The bigger question: Who leaked the news to the Times? And is Bratton, a relatively private man, pissed that not only is his address easily obtainable, but that blogs are already speculating that he's leaving Los Angeles? UPDATE.

The way that real estate gossip usually works is based on a favor system: A real estate agent spills the beans on another agent's property in exchange for getting their own listing in the publication at a later date. Or, agents secretly spill their beans on their own client. Case here?

“I didn’t put it out there,” says Dorothy Carter, one of two Keller Williams listing agents for the Bratton property. “Absolutely not, we would never do that, we would never do that.” Carter sounded extremely flustered that the listing was in the LA Times, but may have guessed the paper planned to publish the information. ("It's already out there?” was her first question to us.)

Neither Michael Orland, the other listing agent, or reps for Bratton, returned calls left this afternoon.

And while the Los Angeles Times doesn't list his address, it's easy to figure out in two seconds. And the paper speculates that "Bratton may one day become the head of Scotland Yard." Is Bratton leaving his "hacienda" for cooler climes? Not before making a tidy profit it seems.

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