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ConstructionWatch: Santa Monica's The Broadway

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Meet The Broadway at 1502 Broadway in Santa Monica. Come February 2010, this site will be home to 29 condos, 3 affordable rentals, and a retail store. DEArchitects, which has done mixed-use spaces including the Messina in Pasadena and the Ticino in North Hollywood (the names are Italianate, the facades are not), designed the building, which'll offer loft-style condos ranging from 750-1,200 square feet. Additionally, units will have 11-foot ceilings and floor to ceiling windows. A project manager for the contractor also tells us they'll have low HOAs and ocean views. If water views from a four-story building on Fifteenth Street seem a little unlikely, we'll take his word for it.

Right now this isn't a particularly lively section of Broadway, but Pugh + Scarpa's 1424 Broadway is right next door, and the same developers behind 1502 Broadway are building loft-style rentals around the corner at 1511 Fifteenth Street. (Sander Architects designed those 29 market-rate and 3 affordable units, all of which will be 350-550 square feet, just a hair bigger than a micro-loft, but we're told the units will be be priced accordingly and "will be the best bang for your buck in Santa Monica.")

There's also a new commercial space under construction across from the Pugh + Scarpa apartments.
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