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Palmer's City West Project Cited For Ugliness

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And it was about time. The InBox got an early morning email, wondering if developer Geoff Palmer's planned Piero II development at 6th and Bixel in City West had bitten the dust. Palmer, of course, is responsible for the rash of faux-Tuscan projects like the Orsini, apartment buildings that may make some people wish the city's planning department had some type of formal design committee. Writes our excited reader: "I live nearby and there's been no work done on it since some surveyors were on site about a month ago...the city has a notice on the gate saying the weeds/trash on the lot are in violation...and yesterday, workers removed all the signage from the lot." Have mother nature and the terrible economy joined forces to spare the city from another Palmer?

In fact, the sole team working on the site were from Fast Signs, a Santa Clarita-based sign company. They told us they were putting up a new, taller sign because the addition of the green tarp had obscured the older sign.

They told us they knew of no news about any planned ground-breaking, which isn't surprising given how long this site has sat vacant. Meanwhile, there was indeed a citation for overgrown weeds/rubbish/other public nuisance. Time to get out the official weed ruler. According to the citation, Palmer has till July 23 to comply with the notice.
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