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Real Life Cinderella Wanted for Downtown Loft

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A reader sends in word of an interesting work/live situation being offered in downtown. The Haas Building at 219 West 7th Street in downtown is offering free monthly rent on a 745-square foot loft. The deal: You (and a partner) have to clean the building's event space, which is located in the penthouse. More from Craigslist. "We would give you your own private and personal loft in the same building as this amazing penthouse. We have events a few times a week and would need help setting up before each event and cleaning afterwards. These services would be in exchange for taking care of your rent, water and power bills, cable and internet bills and trash bills."

Our reader writes: "My boyfriend showed me this and we laughed about it in astonishment for a good minute. Then we looked at each other and rent to clean up the occasional party doesn't seem so bad."

Average rents in the building run from $1,600-$2,300, according to Stephanie Estes, partner at Hass Building. She tells us she has gotten over hundred responses to the ad. Are people allowed to go to the events? "We may need some cleaning during an event and after, so yes." Can they hang out at an event where they're not working? "Of course."
· Live-In Cleaning Staff Needed for New Spectacular Penthouse [Craigslist]