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Santa Monica Cyclists Demand Justice

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Los Angeles isn't the only city with some disgruntled bicyclists who want more in the way of wheel-specific amenities. The League of American Bicyclists named Santa Monica a Bicycle Friendly Community and some Santa Monica cyclists are pissed about it. Santa Monica Daily Press reports on Alex Thompson--co-founder of non-profit bike repair shop BikeRoWave, circulator of a petition to strip Santa Monica of its bike-related triumph. Thompson and other local bikers think the city's bronze designation is far too generous, and that Santa Monica drivers are inconsiderate, police are unconcerned, and bike lanes are disconnected. Thompson's petition asks the League to withdraw the award or review it, which he hopes will force the city to change its ways. The petition had 50 signatures on Monday, halfway to Thompson's goal of 100. [Santa Monica Daily Press]