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Even Coverage of Housing Bust is a Bust

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Nothing is sacred! Not only are some of the mortgage loan officers frauds, but so are the photographers. The photographer who did that stunning New York Times essay on bankrupt and abandoned properties doctored the photos, reports Photo District News. And here's the NYT editor's note: "A picture essay in The Times Magazine on Sunday and an expanded slide show on entitled "Ruins of the Second Gilded Age" showed large housing construction projects across the United States that came to a halt....A reader, however, discovered on close examination that one of the pictures was digitally altered, apparently for aesthetic reasons. Editors later confronted the photographer and determined that most of the images did not wholly reflect the reality they purported to show. Had the editors known that the photographs had been digitally manipulated, they would not have published the picture essay, which has been removed from" We can't really tell what digital alteration occurred, but apparently some keen-eyed Minnesota man can. Following the Edmund Andrews disclosure debacle, this is the second housing bust coverage stumble that involves the New York Times. UPDATE: As a reader points out, the whole thing unraveled on Metafilter. Check out the comments and how the message board figures out the hoax.
· New York Times Magazine Withdraws Altered Photo Essay [PNDP]