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Getty Center Drive Fire: Your Hellish Commute Home

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Via Iben @The Hague
The raging fire in the Sepulveda Pass isn't damaging any commutes as much as its damaging the chaparral. There were earlier threats that the entire 405 would shut down in both directions, but only a few off-ramps are affected right now--the southbound Getty Center Drive off-ramp has been closed since about 4 pm and the northbound Skirball Center off-ramp was shut down for an hour and a half, but is now open.

The northbound 405 is a parking lot all the way back to the 90. We can't say if it's gawkers or firetrucks holding up that side, but the southbound is not having the same problem. It seems to be moving along just fine, which is pretty weird for any weekday afternoon. If you're a surface street user, you should know that KNX is reporting Sepulveda Boulevard is closed between Wilshire and Skirball Center Drive. For updates as they happen, visit the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page and click on "1255 12:44 pm Structure or Grass Fire." Or you can just get the gist from Sigalert.
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