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Reader Rant: Feedback on Schindler's Buck House

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2009-07-bucksmallA reader whose opinion we generally trust (and owner of several mid-century homes over the years) wrote in to give us his scoop on the Schindler-designed Buck House, now for rent for $4,500 per month. He offers some insight on why the property seems like a deal: "I did Deasy/Penner's Sunday open [house] (it was packed). I'm not saying it's a total dump, and I'm not saying the owners did nothing (maybe structural?), but it's neither a complete "original polish" (a la Sten-Frenke), nor a complete modern re-do. The bathrooms are rough, the kitchen not so special (original cabinets gone, replacements not good quality). Some 'bad' adds remain, meaning 'good' original is gone, "'good' new not added. Think Case Study 22 (up close, you can see what's been allowed to be changed/slip)." We wouldn't mind living in anything that can be compared to Case Study 22, but maybe that's just us. [Curbed Inbox]