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Fresh Wood for Stalled Ascent at Warner Center

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A reader sends in the following photo of some sort of work going on at Ascent at Warner Center, developer KB Homes' 191-unit condominium project in Woodland Hills that went up in flames in March 2008. As of February 2009, construction had was still halted and the company issued the following statement: "KB Home has temporarily suspended construction at Accent at Warner Center we remain optimistic about the future of the community."

Our intrepid reader wonders: "I walk by this building weekly and there is certainly something going on, but it's not clear to me what exactly that, "something" is.

Often it appears as if they're demolishing the interior (Bobcats pushing large piles of stuff out the windows) and other times it appears that they are doing normal construction....[Yesterday] there were several trucks loaded with trusses being unloaded. I can only assume that these are for interior walls? Although a co-worker thought they may be for interior support while more of the interior is demolished...." He points out he knows nothing about construction, too. Who does, really? KB Homes, that's who! An email was sent, asking if there was an update they could give us on the project.
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