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Fear and Loathing of Los Angeles

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The On Transport blog has scanned a 1965 Pageant Magazine article by Hunter S. Thompson about the changing Los Angeles of the 1960s. Thompson thinks Los Angeles will suffer (or enjoy) the fate of all those conventional cities, quoting a journalist who claims Angelenos are sick of their long commutes and one-family homes, and declaring, "[I]n Southern California the advent of freeway-dodgers and tower-dwellers heralds the birth of a new era...This vertical pattern of growth is new, but it's obviously the pattern of the future--just as it is in most other metropolitan areas." We're still getting around to that denser living, but he was certainly right about some things: "Southern California, with its axis in LA, will always be here for those who can cope with its ever-changing realities. Some people would be better off moving to LA at once, and others--even some of those who might be planning the move--should either stay where they are or aim for some other less-developed area." [On Transport]