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Naked Iguana House Shuttered

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The fun of the Naked Iguana House in Newport Beach is over, reports the OC Register. Because of unpermitted improvements, owner Jim Jones has agreed to demo a portion of the house, an addition that may or not be a hotbed of sin. The Naked Iguana House has a sultry-looking web site that indicates the place--which has a bar and a stripper pole--offers private parties, so city officials went to go investigate the house, and "took note of hatched palapas, keg-chilling refrigerators, a slot machine, a smoke-breathing tiki head, a stripper pole that rises on a hydraulic lift and a vending machine that lets weight-conscious guests choose between Diet Dr Pepper and Bud Light. 'The question is, is he basically operating a bar, a restaurant, a nightclub, or some kind of other commercial use?" said Patrick Alford, city planning manager." Planning managers, no fun at all. Jones, despite having a drug felony past, maintains that all is innocent at the house, but has agreed to demo the Iguana portion. Image va the [OC Register]