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South Pas Tunnel Clears Another Hurdle

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A bill that would ensure any connection made between the 710 and 210 freeways is underground just passed a 10-0 vote yesterday in the Assembly's transportation committee—the third unanimous vote by a policy committee, according to the office of state senator Gilbert Cedillo (press release not yet on website). The LA politician is a sponsor of the AB 545, which if passed, could resolve a 50-year dispute over how to plug up the hole in the two freeways, which leads to much side street traffic in Alhambra, South Pas, and Pasadena. Currently, the 710 ends abruptly in El Sereno, while the 210 dies off in the 'Dena. The bill now heads to Assembly Appropriations later this month and then a full Assembly vote in September. [Senator Cedillo]