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CurbedWire: Venice's Main Street Lofts Stalled, Downtown Beat It

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VENICE: What's up, Main Street Lofts? A six-unit project at 1411 Main Street in Venice, this development was supposed to be finished by June 1st. But things don't look that different when we visited in April. A source says there's some problems with the project, but the developer (we were told a woman named Geri Leonard at Santa Monica-based Leonard Business Management could speak for the project), isn't returning calls. Bill Ruane, real estate agent for the project, told us sales will start in a month, but then didn't answer follow-up calls. Not holding breath. [Curbed Staff]

: These kids walking down the street near Staples Center with their boombox singing "Beat It" made our day today. Despite the MJ media deluge, it was a really fun scene in downtown, particularly around South Park. Here's some terribly-shot video of the kids. [Curbed Staff]