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Home Tours Continued: Tom Marble's Casa Cuadrada and Rachel Allen's Pesenti-Williams House

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The last two Dwell homes we visited during Dwell on Design's East Side home tour were Tom Marble's Casa Cuadrada in Montecito Heights and Rachel Allen's Pesenti-Williams House in Echo Park. (Unfortunately we didn't make it to the last home, Jeremy Levine's Three Trees house in Eagle Rock). We recapped Dwell's sneak peek before, but as a refresher, the house was designed by architect and author Tom Marble, in collaboration with his wife, artist Pae White. The house features a central courtyard, and each major interior space was designed to bring in light on two sides. The landscape was designed by Mark Rios, in exchange for White's art. One of the best features of the house was the way White's artwork was integrated into the design, such as a quilt made from the remains of the tapestry she designed for the Oslo Opera House.

One of our favorite homes on the tour was the (relatively) modest Pesenti-Williams home, a split-level ranch house in Echo Park designed by Rachel Allen. Running down the central spine of the house is a steel breezeway, covered by a laser-cut plywood sun shade designed by the owner. According to the architect, the breezeway is "oriented to the prevailing winds, eliminating the need for artificial air conditioning." The three-bedroom, two-bath house sits on a one-half acre lot, terraced as it descends down the hill. The owners plan to develop an urban farm, with chickens, goats and organic vegetables.
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