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Dissed Maglev Group "Relying On Law"

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Following last week's designation of a federal high-speed rail corridor, the Los Angeles Times checked in on the maglev folks. You'll recall that Senate Majority Leader and Nevada senator Harry Reid changed sides, throwing his support (and a move that'll push federal funds) towards the DesertXPress, the Victorville to Las Vegas train, rather than the proposed Anaheim-Las Vegas maglev train. According to the paper, Reid said he would "try to scuttle $45 million in federal funds earmarked for the [maglev] proposal....Opponents of the maglev proposal said it was unlikely that Reid would be able to persuade Congress to reverse its decision to provide funding. 'We are relying on the law and how it reads. We believe that nothing will change,' said Neil Cummings, president of the American Magline Group, a consortium of private companies involved in the project." Hmmm. When people start throwing around words like "relying on the law," some sort of legal action usually follows.
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