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Doomed Holly Townhomes On the Auction Block

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Back in the innocent days of May 2008, 2020 Holly Drive, a collection of townhomes ("Resembling the Craftsman homes of yesteryear") hit the market listed at $799,000-$935,000. Moving a home from yesteryear is harder than it looks and after some chatter that the Hollywood Dell project may be in trouble comes news of an online auction of 15 of the 16 units. "Starting bids are all at $399,000," Jenny Tran, of LFC Marketing Services, Inc., tells us. The bidding started last week and will continue through August 6th. This project was cursed from the start: Looking back over city records for the project, it looks like a group named Hollywood Dell Residents for Fair Density fought this development. Additionally, the Daily Breeze reported back in 2008 that the project's developer, Neimann Properties, was named in a civil complaint that accused a sub-contractor of bilking day laborers on the Hollywood development.
· #336-9 | Unit 9 - 2020 Holly Drive [2020 Holly Drive]