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CurbedWire: Monrovians Dissed, Big Parade Coming

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HOLLYWOOD: Good people of Monrovia, go defend your honor. This faux star (the wood is likely a placeholder for a star that's being repaired or coming) was found along Vine, a block above Sunset (right in front of the Palihouse). But let us count all the excellent things about Monrovia: Birthplace of McDonald's (pre Ray Kroc). Also, a Monrovia company is responsible for the first human-powered flight across the English Channel. And Plymouth Elementary in Monrovia Unified was recently named a finalist in the 2009 Governor's Challenge Competition, a contest which promotes physical activity/health. Young Monrovian whippersnappers, go kick some Hollywood ass. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: This sounds wacky and fun: "Big Parade is a two-day walk through Los Angeles that will start in downtown, at the famous Angel's Flight Stairway, and finish with six stairways leading up from Beachwood Canyon to the Hollywood Sign." More information about the event, which is open to all walking skill levels, and takes places July 18th and June 19th via the official web site.