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Emo and Architecture

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Los Angeles Times architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne noticed something weird about the downtown architecture love in (500) Days of Summer: it's all for pre-1950s buildings. (Which cowriter Scott Neustadter mentioned to Curbed in June: "[Director] Marc [Webb] had a specific aesthetic he wanted, I don't think there's anything in there that's post 1950 if not earlier.") Hawthorne thinks the anachronism is appropriate to the film, but he also thinks it says something about emo (defined broadly to include lit mag McSweeney's, American Public Media show This American Life, and cartoonist Adrian Tomine): "When the members of America's emo tribe happen also to be fans of architecture, they tend to like their buildings the same way they like their corduroys and their comic books (excuse me, their graphic novels): well-worn or obscure enough in terms of design pedigree to maintain a full measure of indie street cred." And he wonders where that approach fits into the current architecture. [LA Times]