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WeHo's House of Blues Project: Shake, Rattle and Roll, and Shine

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So much talk about development in West Hollywood this week, and here comes another project. The Park La Brea News reports that the Draft Environmental Impact report for the House of Blues project, Combined Properties' contentious hotel/mixed-use project that would rise on and near the music venue on Sunset Boulevard was released this week. There are two hotels (dubbed the Sunset Hotel and Residences and the Olive Hotel and Residences), as well as another residential component that'll rise on four buildings. And of course, the developers are proposing the Kanner Architects-designed project be swathed in giant digital ads. From the draft EIR: "The proposed project would include a large screen video sign installation, which would be integrated into the architecture of the Sunset Hotel and Residences building. The sign would wrap the northern, eastern, and western façades and would contain, in total between all three facades, approximately 5,300 square feet of light emitting diode illuminated panels." It looks like they're guessing their first advertiser will be Van Gogh's "Irises."* Probably a lucrative get.

Meanwhile, the Park La Brea News report that opponents of the project are worried about earthquakes. "Perhaps the biggest concern for residents is the fact that the project is being built on an earthquake fault line." Hmm. A variance has been applied for to deal with the fault, West Hollywood planner John Keho tells the paper. Meanwhile, Live Nation owns the lease at House of Blues until 2025, but it sounds like developer will phase in construction until they leave. Or move them elsewhere (in what'll perhaps be some great payout.)

Meanwhile, here are the specifics: The project includes the 76-foot-tall Sunset Hotel and Residences, the 63-foot-tall Olive Hotel and Residences, and the 35-foot tall De Longpre Residences. All told, there are 149 hotel rooms, 40 residential condos, five affordable housing units, and up to 35,000* square feet of commercial space.

IAnd sounds like there will be delicious rooftop pools, lounges and restaurants for all you WeHoians to frolic in.

There are also 426* parking spaces.

And the addresses: The 8418 - 8432 Sunset Boulevard, 8477 – 8481 De Longpre Avenue, 1326 North Olive Drive, and 1310 North Olive Drive.

And more about the digital signs. There were ads from the beginning, but it wasn't clear that they were digital. And this comes amid another giant ad planned for WeHo. Looks like there are just three hours a day relief from the static ads:

"The sign would be comprised of a 1,120-linear-foot-long, 12-inch-tall ribbon that would wrap around the northern façade of the building; a 10-foot-wide, 137-foot-long ribbon located under the roof shade of the northern façade; and panels located on the northern, eastern, and western facades. The panel on the northern façade would be 29 feet wide by 16 feet tall, while the panels on the eastern and western facades would be 66 feet wide by 22 feet tall and 20 feet wide
by 76 feet tall, respectively. The large screen video sign installation would feature advertising, provide a forum for community based messages, and serve as a mechanism to allow the building to be illuminated with a variety of different colors and visual textures. All of the panels would be synchronized as a single
display with one piece of content distributed throughout the building’s façade at any given moment. The programming would contain both a mix of moving and static images, as well as colors and patterns. The display would be operated 24 hours a day; however, moving images would generally be displayed from 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. From 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m., the large screen video sign panels would be used for static images or to color the building façade to complement the building’s architecture."

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