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Westlake Adjacent?

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Yesterday, the Los Angeles Times ran a front page story that wondered, what, if any, effect the kidnapping and murder of 17-year-old Lily Burk might have on the area near Southwestern Law School (pictured) in Koreatown. While crime is pretty low in the area, the paper points out the 1988 murder of a 27-year-old graphic designer in Westwood threw the Westside neighborhood into a downward spiral it's still trying to climb out of. But trying to draw a parallel between the neighborhoods may not be fair--Westwood had a growing gang problem before the shooting. But will Westsiders who fear going east of La Brea be put off by the crime? Also, the Times doesn't call this area Koreatown, but refers to it as Mid-Wilshire. Puzzling. [LA Times]