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New to Market: Glitzy Bernini Bel Air Compound

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This Bel Air compound right off of Sunset Blvd encompasses all the quiet understatement we'd expect from the president of faux-Italian mall fixture Bernini men's clothing store. Don't pretend you don't want this $700 MLB logo-emblazoned jacket (and it's not even leather!). You know you do. And try to resist the heavy drapery, crystal chandeliers, and gilded furniture of this formal living room. You know you can't. It seems the faux-Italian aesthetic has bled over from the mall into this eight bedroom, nine-bath estate.

According to the listing, the compound comprises three contiguous usable lands, on 2.4 acres with plans for an additional 11,00 square foot third house. There is a large garage (fits four cars) and an eight car motorcourt, a guest house with two apartments: four bedrooms, four baths in one, and a three bedroom, three bath second guest house. That's in addition to the eight bedroom, nine bath main house with two maid rooms. AND, there's also a separate gym with a spa, three more bathrooms, a pool, a covered pavilion and a "huge dining room." In the gym. The house (or old property) last sold in Oct 1992 for $6 million. Today's asking price: $37.995 million or a WHOPPING $4,380 per square foot (about four times comparable sales in that neighborhood).
· 10425 W Sunset Los Angeles, CA 90077 [Redfin]