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CurbedWire: Sawtelle Area Rentals Await, Paving Alert

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WEST LA: Earlier this week, there was a check-in with those three condo buildings that had gone up around the Sawtelle area. Here's one more to mention: This is Exposition Apartments, a new rental development directly across the street from T-Lofts, and right next to strip club Fantasy Island. (You can see it in that first picture. The neighborhood kids must always think that place is some cool pirate house, huh?) The official web site for Exposition Apartments is here. The leasing rep tells us pricing for two-bedrooms range from $2,400 for $2,700, while three-bedrooms run from $3,100 and $3,300. The smallest two bedroom is 1,400 square feet, while the largest three bedroom is 2,000 square feet. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: Via City Council President Eric Garcetti's Twitter stream: "Santa Monica Blvd being repaved between Normandie and the 101 this weekend. Best to avoid. Done by end of Sunday." We're not sure about how we feel about all these politicians twittering. [Curbed Staff]