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O Canada: How Many People Will Descend on Downtown?

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Brace, Los Angeles. Just how big will the crowds be for next Tuesday's Michael Jackson tribute at Staples Center? On CNN, Jermaine Jackson expressed worry about Staples Center's ability to handle all the fans, telling Larry King: "There's 20,000 people just coming from the U.K." One silver lining, of course, is that an influx of tourism will help the city's struggling hotel industry. As of 9 am this morning, here's what the folks at reservations desks at downtown hotels were saying about bookings for early next week. Looks like the media may snatching up all the rooms. At 10 am, there's an official press announcement about the concert. Updates to follow. UPDATE: Press conference underway. Web site for registering for Jackson tribute tickets is here. LAPD saying that anyone without a ticket won't be allowed to enter the Staples vicinity on Tuesday.

Hotel Figueroa: “Reservations are coming in. Over the last 24 hours, probably about 75 [reservations for people coming to the concert].

Sheraton Los Angeles Downtown Hotel: “We have definitely seen an increase. The biggest pick-up has been from the news media. Particularly the Canadian news media. There’s been an increase in the amounts for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. But we also reached out to the media. I would think once the press event today is held, you’ll see the influx of reservations [from people], particularly from overseas, but that’s just my opinion."

Omni Los Angeles Hotel: “I’ve seen about the same, no difference.”

Kyoto Grand Hotel and Gardens: “Plenty of rooms available.”

Kawada Hotel: “So far, we haven’t had any reservations for that.”

The Westin Bonaventure Hotel And Suites: “Almost sold out.”

Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles: “I got here at 8:30 and let me just tell you I have gotten three calls from CBS News already?we haven’t seen a lot of reservations yet, but it’s still early.”

Standard-Downtown Los Angeles: “It’s normal here in the hotel. Occupancy is pretty normal.”

Mayfair Hotel: “Haven’t seen many calls yet.”

Los Angeles Downtown Marriott Hotel: “I am showing the hotel is close to being sold out.”
· Jackson's Memorial Service Details To Be Announced Friday [MTV]