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Staples Center Tickets Available, But City Says: Stay Home

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[Streets that'll be blocked off on Tuesday. LAPD says that you must have a ticket or be credentialed to get into the above area]
The Tuesday Michael Jackson tribute likely will be no spontaneous city-wide musical love fest, no urban love-in. At a press conference in downtown this morning, city officials, AEG execs, and the LAPD presented a plan for a tightly-controlled memorial, and encouraged Jackson well-wishers to stay away from Staples Center if they don't have a ticket. Here's City Councilwoman Jan Perry: "I want to stress to the people who are coming, or who are thinking of coming here to our city for this special event, that you might want to consider watching this from your own home. Without a ticket, your very best option would be for viewing and experiencing the service commemorating this extraordinary individual from your home." Additionally, LAPD Assistant Chief Earl Paysinger noted anyone without a ticket will not be allowed in the blocked off area seen above (Flower on the east, Olympic on north, Pico on the south, and Blaine Street on the west). Via an online lottery system, 17,500 free tickets will be given away to watch the event at Staples and Nokia (the latter will have a live broadcast of the Staples event). Notably, there will be no outdoor screens showing the event, a move obviously meant to keep away crowds (the broadcast will be shown live on TV)*. Over and over again, officials stressed that the event was a memorial, expressed hope it would be a dignified event, and admonished anyone who might try and scalp tickets. Party on.
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