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Sawtelle Condo Smackdown: T-Lofts Annnounces Pricing

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There are now three major condo projects trying to unload around Sawtelle Blvd, all within close proximity, and when one development drops prices, it put pressure on competitors. And now one of these three buildings--a project at 11500 Tennessee Avenue--has announced pricing. A rep for T-Lofts emails: "Pricing for T-Lofts has just been decided and it starts from $415,000..."

Meanwhile, The Exposition at 11330 Exposition Blvd dropped its prices last month (a two-bedroom that was $599,000 is now $570,000), while Soho Square at 1700 Sawtelle is still advertising its prices at $399,00 and up. Noting what we like about all these projects (Kanner Architects' work at Exposition; the proximity to the forthcoming Expo line and maybe a Target), but in terms of possible deal breakers/drawbacks the Exposition is damn close to the 405, and T-Lofts has some units with views of a blinking digital billboard. A rep for T Lofts says no buyers have brought up the issue of the billboard.
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