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CurbedWire: Where's that KTLA Chopper At? Vue Party

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VAN NUYS: A reader writes in with a request that a mapping system be created that includes info on both news copters and other forms of mechanical birds. "I recently leased an apartment in a condo-like complex in Sherman Oaks. Nobody told me it is on the flight path of Van Nuys Airport. I moved from Echo Park because I was on the L.A.P.D. helicopter flight path only to end up in the Van Nuys flight path...the police helicopters flying from their downtown base use the 101 freeway as a navigational guide going to the Valley so they would be flying 24/7 over Echo Park. The news helicopters would park over the neighborhood to the south to get sunrise shots of the city for a live feed traffic report. They will just hover for 10 minutes which is extra loud. At least Van Nuys airport has some restrictions on hours it seems. However they start landing promptly at 6:30 AM.The sound of a jet flying overhead is very loud.... There should be a Google map of all the flight paths in the L.A. area. Los Angles has so many small airports - who knows where the flight paths are....Somebody must, and it should not be a state secret to know this info. A couple of key real estate agents could collaborate on a Google map. " Not a state secret, indeed. [Curbed InBox]

SAN PEDRO: The publicity team for the Vue, that San Pedro development that was the site of both lawsuits and condos turned rentals, passed along a pic of a party that was recently held at the building. "The WJ Agency and Vue, San Pedro's hot new urban development, hosted a private KROQ concert by popular rock band 311." [Curbed InBox]

More via the release:

"he WJ Agency and Vue, San Pedro's hot new urban development, hosted a private KROQ concert by popular rock band 311. The concert, exclusively for a KROQ contest winner and his friends, took place on the property's stunning roof deck last Saturday evening (July 18). The KROQ contest winner was treated to a 10 song set by the band plus catered dinner. Classics such as "All Mixed Up" and "Down" mixed with new songs such as "Hey You" played as the sun set. The port of San Pedro and the pacific ocean served as the perfect backdrop. Guests of the private party got to tour Vue and its many amenities while enjoying an evening overlooking the waterfront of old town San Pedro.

Vue is San Pedro's first waterfront high-rise consisting of 318 units offering one, two, and three bedroom residences on the waterfront in Old town San Pedro."