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That's Rather Hideous: Award-Winning Garage in Brentwood

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Call us crazy, but after a tough day at the office, there's nothing we love more than hopping into our overcompensating penis-mobile Maserati, heading home and pulling into our garage, in the living room, where we can just sit in the car and enjoy the view. Architectural Digest, which usually strikes aspirational lust in our hearts, has decided the "garage" above is the winner of its "Design Driven" contest, sponsored by - what else? - Maserati.

This photo takes architectural hubris and automotive fetishization to a whole new level. So let's discuss this image. We've already mentioned the driver sitting in the car enjoying the view of Brentwood below. Right next to a father and child, watching a video on the flat screen of...ANOTHER MASERATI? Did we just discover a wormhole right here in LA? Is that the sound of the universe folding in on itself? According to Coolhunting, this 1,200 square foot garage, designed by Holger Schubert, is accessible by a separate driveway bridge and includes a kitchen, library, and living area, so you never need to leave your Maserati alone and uncared for. The garage will be featured in the October issue of AD, and in the meantime, you can watch Schubert discuss the design in the video after the jump.

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