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Water Feature at Downtown LAPD HQ Uncovered...

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And it seems a bit disappointing. Back story: hoping to placate those upset with the city reneging on a promise to build a park at the lot bounded by Spring, 1st, Main, and 2nd Streets and instead constructing the new headquarters of the LAPD there, AECOM architects (formerly DMJN H&N) worked to incorporate restaurants, landscaping, and a one-acre lawn to make the 11-story structure more human-friendly. The lawn, facing 2nd Street and the Higgins Building, is filled with a plethora of trees that we're told will soon bloom and provide needed shade. Tonya Durrell of the Dept. of Public Works informed us that landscape designer Meléndrez incorporated a water feature on the First Street side of the $437-million HQ, and just provided this snapshot. We were hoping for something grander in this fountain-starved city but the mini-waterfall is better than the questionable burger shack that used to occupy this spot. As mentioned previously, you can try to dip your toes in this thing and frolic on the lawn in October. And fear not, the planned Civic Park--not far from this spot--is expected to have a more extensive fountain.

The water fountain in the 12-acre, Rios Clementi Studio-designed park that'll connect City Hall and the Music Center.
· Green Space at LAPD HQ [Curbed LA]

LAPD Headquarters

100 W 1st St, Los Angeles, CA 90012