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That's Rather Hideous: The House That Louis (Vuitton) Built

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A reader passed along this house, but wasn't sure of its provenance. We're hoping an eagle-eyed reader will know where this or whence it came from, but we're not even sure it's in LA. At least one person is betting $100 it’s located in Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. John Chase, urban designer for the city of West Hollywood, told us "whoever created this is a genius, who has created public art and a great commentary on consumerism and branding at the same time!!!" Or maybe it's a tribute to the late, great Madeleine Kahn, who so memorably drove a blinged out LV-encrusted car and suit in Mel Brook's High Anxiety. Is the owner serious? Is it meant to be read ironically? Is it some sort of postmodern statement on the dangers of fetishizing luxury brands and cheap stucco construction? Will we ever know? WILL WE?
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