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AIA/LA Jumps on Budget Bashing Bandwagon

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[Photo by flickr user Marshall Astor]

It seems the proposed state budget, and its drastic cuts to the Community Redevelopment Agency, doesn't just have CRA/LA Ceo Cecilia V. Estolano's knickers in a twist (she has indicated the CRA is willing to sue the state to protect its funding). Today the Los Angeles chapter of the AIA has released its official statement on the proposed budget. And unsurprisingly, they're not very happy either. In a letter sent to Speaker of the Assembly Karen Bass, the AIA/LA voices its displeasure: "Architects know there is no easy solution to this crisis. Architects know that all will have to accept cuts and sacrifice. But, it seems penny-wise and pound-foolish to cut the very funds that in both the short-term and long-term create revenue streams for local, county, and state government."

(We wonder what kind of sacrifices they have in mind. Fewer lattes and generic eyewear?) The letter also points out that siphoning $72 million off of LA's redevelopment budget will not only deter private investment, but will also disproportionately affect traditionally under-served neighborhoods like South LA, Crenshaw, and the northeast San Fernando Valley. But as we learned earlier this week, the Eastside gets off easy. Sorta.
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