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Who Loves this Budget? NFL Stadium Backers

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Besides the prisoners who get early releases, who is loving this California budget? Ed Roski, head of Majestic Realty, who wants to put a NFL stadium in the city of Industry. Turns out his stadium is near a redevelopment area. The Los Angeles Times explains:

A provision of the budget agreement, which faces a vote in the Legislature as early as today, would extend the life of the state's redevelopment areas, a proposal that Industry officials have pushed for more than two years. Critics say the move would be a gift of public funds to benefit the proposed stadium and other private development at the expense of cities and counties that need the money for healthcare, welfare and police services." And while John Semcken, vice president of Roski's Majestic Realty, says no public money would be used for the stadium, taxpayer money "could help build roads, sewers and other facilities to help accommodate the stadium and commercial projects," according to the experts. Meanwhile the Times caught Semcken (never one to hold back) sending a "sharply worded message to an official at the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency whom Semcken thought was lobbying against the deal." According to the Times, the CRA opposes the extension, which would provide a "quick infusion" of cash to the state, and is among those who believe the extension distorts the purpose of enacting redevelopment areas, according to the paper.
· California budget deal could help Industry stadium group [LA Times]