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CurbedWire: Bright Pylon, Westside Robbery Is Cinematic

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KOREATOWN: For what feels like forever, ratty plastic has covered the pylon at the former Ambassador Hotel site. This is where LAUSD is planning that token park. Sometime in the last couple of weeks, the plastic is gone and work on the restoring the pylon has begun. [Curbed Staff]

WESTSIDE: Description of a robbery today from the people at Westside Village Watch: "Thursday morning at 7:00 a woman was confronted at knifepoint to give up her purse. She held on tightly and he grabbed it away. A passerby noticed and ran after the guy who then dropped the purse. This occurred on the corner of National and Military." But what did the lady have in that purse that was worth her life? Dead cat's ashes? Daughter's passport? Or just bus fare? Either way, go lady! [Curbed InBox]