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Green Space at LAPD HQ Coming in October

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A weekend visit to the soon-to-open (official opening date is October 24) new headquarters of the LAPD inspired a bit of concern about the one-acre lawn/green space attached to glassy building's 2nd Street side. Namely the space, intended for cops, office workers, and Downtown denizens, looked quite hot and devoid of shade, especially for those who will sit on the mini-park's benches. But, Tonya Durrell of the Department of Public Works alleviated our concerns, writing that, "As the trees mature, they will provide the necessary shade." Those trees include California Fan Palms on the west end and California Sycamores on the east end near the future cafe (see pictures). Mexican Palo Verde trees are planted at the base of the building to "generate soft shade for the seating areas overlooking the 2nd Street green space and Spring Street. The combination of seatwalls, low plantings, and the London Plane street tree help unify the site and enhance the pedestrian experience." All this was done by Downtown landscaping firm Meléndrez.

Durrell says all four sides of the HQ will feature green space, with the Spring Street side featuring a 75-foot setback from the sidewalk. The First Street plaza "extends from the building's main entrance to the water feature [ed: interesting: a water feature] along the sidewalk and is planted with tall Brisbane Box trees in masses of Red Fescue, highlighted with bands of succulents along Spring Street."

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