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PriceChopper: Loggias in Studio City Drop

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This Italian-style estate at 11947 Iredell in Fryman Estates is newly-built home the came into our lives back in March 2008. The hopeful sellers listed at $9.995 million, but about a year and a half later, the home is back on the market, chopped to $7.9 million. The listing notes the loggias, the 18th century Italian bronze fountain, but fails to mention the best feature: Chandeliers over the island kitchen. Who says cutting onions can't be damn glamorous. A reader got into the home last year and shared his/her thoughts when the home was first listed. For all we know this person is writing from the library at Folsom State Prison, and has never seen the home, but here's an excerpt: "I walked it on a recent caravan day... the house is great for someone.. but that's a someone that has 10 mill and wants to be surrounded by angels. There is even a photo of the owner who is an artist, laying in a way so he can paint the ceiling a la michaelangelo." Don't miss all the photos here. [All images via]
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