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New To Market: Another Unit In Neutra's Strathmore Apartments

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Just a year ago, a two-bedroom, two bath unit in the Richard Neutra-designed condo-converted Strathmore Apartments went up for sale. That one was listed at $795,000 and sold for $815,000. Three other units sold prior to that one, including another two-bedroom in 2006 for $818,000. It's a building with some serious architecture cred for you design nerds. In addition to Neutra's involvement, Arts & Architecture editor John Entenza and Charles and Ray Eames lived in the building. So did Orson Wells.

It's also designated as a City of Los Angeles Historic Landmark No 351. According to broker Brian Linder, there are only four units in the condo, but eight in the complex. The original owner commissioned Neutra to design a four unit building for him. Neutra realized the property next door was also available and decided to design and build another four units for himself. The building stayed in Neutra's family for many years, buut was sold by his son Dion about a decade ago. Linder tells us: "The architects Lee + Mundwiler owned it for a while (maybe 2nd owners after Neutra), then sold it to the group of UCLA Oceanographic and Atmospheric scientists who did the condo conversion. Our understanding is that this is the only Neutra condo conversion in existence." The two bedroom, two bath 1,353 square foot unit for sale is in the back, and according to the listing, is "more like a single family home with its own separate entrance." There's also original finishes, wall-to-wall windows, a full-length outdoor deck and private yard. Asking price: $795,000.
· 11009 Strathmore Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90024 [TVOA]